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THANK YOU for participating in our Children Needs Survey in March & April.  Your input is invaluable to us and we are using your feedback as we look into additional programs that we will offer in the future.


Many of the activities and programs requested are already being sponsored by Lodi Adopt-A-Child. 


Eligible children must

  • Live in the Lodi Unified School District

  • Be 13 year or younger (17 years or younger for Drama classes and Music lessons)

  • AND, family income must be below the low-income level

Current Scholarships Offered

Sports & activities via Play Lodi and BOBS (Boosters of Boys/Girls Sports), including:

  • Football

  • Soccer

  • Basketball

  • Dance

  • Cheer

  • Ballet

  • Swimming

  • Painting


Contact the Community Partnership for Families of San Joaquin County (CPFSJ) at 209-269-8262.

Drama classes via Changing Faces Theatre

Contact: Changing Faces Theater Company at 209-747-8043 or

Music lessons (including instrument rental) via Sayla Music Academy

Contact:  Sayla Music Academy at 209-981-4303 or

Lodi Adopt-A-Child

If you any questions or feedback for us, email us at:

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