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Please return unwrapped gifts by Sunday, Dec 4th

Thank you for your support of the Lodi Adopt-A-Child 2022 Christmas Wish program.


Please return gifts to our office at

100 E. Pine St., Lodi. 

Saturday, Dec 3rd 10am-5pm

Sunday, December 4th, 10am-5pm

Angel cards are still available for last-minute shoppers



Suggested shopping guidelines

Each Angel Card includes the clothing and toy wishes for one child.  Take as many cards as you feel comfortable shopping for.  We do, however, request that you fulfill each child's requests rather than take more Angel Cards and only partially fulfill their requests.

We strive to provide each child with their clothing wish and toy wish.  Below are guidelines to help make your shopping as easy as possible.  Please keep in mind, this gift might be the only gift received by this child this Christmas.  You can always provide more for a child, however, we request you provide the minimum as described below.  



3 items of clothing and a pair of shoes (if requested) Example: Jacket, pants, shirt and shoes


4 items of clothing (if requested). For example: zip hoodie, pants, shirt, a beanie. 



1 toy (if a large item is requested) Example: a bike or skateboard or kitchen or Barbie dream house etc.


2 or more toys (if small items are requested).  Example: soccer ball, car, action figure, art supplies, Barbies etc.


Please remove all price tags and put the clothing angel card in a bag with the clothes and the toy angel card in a bag with the toys or taped to the toys you purchased.

Please call our office if you have any questions while out shopping at 209-333-1056 and Thank you for helping our local children have a Merry Christmas! 

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